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Calming Sensitive Skin
Sensitive, red, irritated skin is a frustrating disruption to everyday life. You are not alone as up to 90% of the population perceives their own skin as sensitive. But do you really have sensitive skin, or is your skin sensitized, meaning the itching, redness and sensitivity is a result of environmental assaults?

Take a look at the difference between these two conditions that share a similar result.

Sensitive skin

Those who have very fair skin and are usually of Northern european ancestry have a genetic predisposition towards sensitive skin. This could be caused by the lower amount of pigment and thinner epidermal layer, allowing for easier access of potentially irritating ingrediants.

People with sensitive skin have more histamine readily produced in the body. The result is a more hypersensitive skin, waiting to react at any opportunity.

Sensitized skin

Sensitized skin is not caused by a generic predisposition. It can affect anyone, any age, of any race who is exposed to any of the following:

Environmental assaults 
The fastest rising factor contributing to sensitized skin is environmental assault. This can be in the form of UV light, pollution, or even extreme weather. All these cause skin dryness, making skin more prone to sensitization.

A sharp decline in Stratum Corneum lipids as we age means our skin will almost certainly be dry and/or dehydrated by the time we turn forty. This leaves skin defencless against environmental assaults that damage skin. 

Diet drinks and fat-free foods could leave you without skin-friendly Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), and could be contributing to psoriasis, eczema or dandruff.

Smoking drains skin of vitamin A and C and constricts blood vessels - meaning smoking is somewhat like suffocating skin from the inside.

Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and certain medications can trigger dry, sensitive skin.

The loss of existing subum is commonly caused by excessive bathing, showering, scrubbing, or the use of harsh soaps. Shaving without a protective medium can also weaken skin's barrier function.

What they have in common
Symptons and triggers are the same for these conditions, as both experience itching, burning, dryness, flushing and stinging.

Sensitive and sensitized skin suffers from a weakened lipid barrier that is unable to shield against assaults that increase moisture loss and skin dehydration. Dehydrated skin cells function poorly and the skin's immunity weakens, creating a higher risk of skin diseases (rosacea, eczema, psoriasis) and infection from irritants that contribute to skin sensitization.

Proper treatment for results

A combined effort of the right products, the right treatments and awareness of inflammation and redness triggers will help manage your skin condition.

Start with your Dermalogica professional skin therapist, highly trained to assess your skin condition and prescribe a treatment and home regimen through face Mapping skin analysis.

Built around your skin's needs that very day, a professional skin treatment will help minimize triggers and relieve redness and discomfort associated with sensitization.

Your skin therapist will prescribe a calming, gentle and anti-inflammatory skin care routine to help minimize redness, inflammation and discomfort.

Never use hot water when cleansing and do not use excessive or aggresive movements when applying products. get more product application tips from your skin care therapist.

Note what may trigger the ruddy, red reaction in skin. Artificial fragrances or colours, artificial sweeteners, even spices can make skin flush.

Take notice of hormonal shifts, physical exertion, even alcohol and tobacco consumption can be potential inflammatory triggers.

Some of the Dermalogica products suggested for your sensitive skin may include:
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Gentle Soothing BoosterSuper Sensitive Faceblock
Climate Control 
Use the links above to see more details and/or buy these products. For further details please feel free to contact us via the Contact Page.
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