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Avoiding premature ageing
Wrinkles, altered pigmentation, loss of skin tone. we associate these changes with skin ageing.

Age-related skin changes are the result of genetically-programmed changes (intrinsic factors) and environmental wear-and-tear on the skin (extrinsic factors). While both influence the skin's structure and function, extrinsic factors cause more prolonged changes.

Changes associated with skin ageing

Wrinkles (depressions in the skin's surface) occur as a result of a reduction in muscle mass and skin thickness, cross linking of collagen and elastin (loss of elasticity), and dehydration.

Hyaluronic Acid helps retain the skin's natural moisture balance, but diminishes as early as our forties. This loss is most likely the cause of dehydration and loss of tautness, which contributes to altered elasticity.

A slowdown in cell turnover/cell renewal
That natural sloughing of older cells slows as we age, causing a build up resulting in dull, thick skin with less tone. On average, cell renewal takes from 28 to 35 days in midlife, and from 40 to 60 days in maturity.

Hyperpimentation (excess pigmentation) spots are the result of cumulative UV exposure and/or hormones. While hyperpigmentation can be triggered by certain medications and pregnancy, it is mostly triggered by excessive exposure to UV light.

How can I control ageing skin?

An effective line of defence will help control ROS, MMPs, and AGEs that trigger the signs of skin ageing.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are dangerous forms of oxygen molecules generated by UV rays and pollution. They attack and react with stable molecules within skin cells, causing irreversible damage to the cell, triggering wrinkles, and lessening skin's natural ability to repair itself. Topically-applied vitamin C and E antioxidants fight ROS, while smoothing and helping to stimulate new collagen formation.

Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) are enzymes activated by UV exposure or inflammation. They contribute to the breakdown of existing collagen  while inhibiting the formation of new collagen. Topically-applied Retinol (vitamin A), Grape Seed extract, green and white teas and soy help inhibit the formation of MMPs in skin.

Advanced Glycation-end products (AGEs) are the result of glucose (sugar) reacting with collagen (a protein) in skin. This reaction results in the formation of AGEs, which leads to wrinkles, inflammation, inhibited skin cell growth and accelerated ageing. Glucosamine, Soy proteins, Genestien and peptides help "trap" sugars before they can react with collagen skin.

Proper treatment for results

When skin is healthy and protected, premature skin ageing is minimised. The right lifestyle choices (not smoking, not tanning, exercising and eating right) coupled with a professionally prescribed skin care regime can help you take control of the signs of skin ageing.

Start by visiting your Dermalogica professional skin therapist to ask about a professional treatment regime to jumpstart skin health. They will assess skin through Face Mapping skin analysis, and prescribe a treatment and home care regime that is customised to your skin.

Your professional treatment will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, hydration and advanced treatment with antioxidants and peptides that help smooth skin, stimulate collagen production and target the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing.

Exfoliation helps remove dulling skin cells while improving penetration of beneficial ingredients. The use of electric brushes will also greatly enhance the penetration of the exfoliation ingredients.

Galvanic current can also be used to increase product penetration. This professional tool creates gentle electrical currents that work to push hydrating and replenishing ingredients in to the layers of the epidermis.

Below are some Dermalogica products suggested to help with aging skin:
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